Photo: A ‘Don’t Share the Road’ license plate

A reader sent me an interesting photo via Twitter last week. The photo is of the license plate on a convertible BMW that was spotted in Northwest Portland. It shows an unintended use of Oregon’s ‘Share the Road’ license plate…

“Here’s a thought – Use the sidewalk.”
(Photo: @r3v0lt on Twitter)

I wonder if the person who bought it knows that proceeds from the sale of these plates are shared between Cycle Oregon and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. According to the BTA, for the 2009 fiscal year, they netted $12,300 in income from the plates. The money, which is unrestricted, was spent on various programs including their (now defunct) Eye-to-Eye campaign, the Bike Commute Challenge, the Share the Road safety class, and others.

Now there’s a thought.

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