Pedalpalooza Daily: Thursday, June 24th

Sprockettes Ride-10
130 people showed up for the
Sprockettes Ride last night!
(Photo © J. Maus)

Food, dance and trees factor prominently in today’s pedaling parties. Two Vancouver options, as well. Get out when you can, enjoy the sun and make a friend or three.

Share the fun with our Ride Report Form. We’ll be posting some of these and other Pedalpalooza news on our Pedalpalooza Special Coverage Page.

For complete details and last minute changes, keep an eye on the official Pedalpalooza calendar. Enjoy!

7:00am Sisyphean Cruller Crawl – East Start your day at Wilshire Park and ride hills for honor and breakfast food.

7:00am Free Coffee Bikers! Bingo Masters/Radio Room do it again: giving out one free Ristretto coffee to cyclists who show their helmet or bike lock keys. NE 11th/Alberta until 3:00pm.

3:00pm Park2Park X 25 NE/NOPO From Wellington Park to Irving Park with 23 parks and play time in between.

5:00pm Mix Tape Trade Ride Bring copies of your best mixed tape or CD to trade with other audiophiles. Begin at Piccolo (SE 28th/Ivon) with potential meetup to do Rocky Butte Dance Party ride.

5:30pm Hub and Spoke: Bicycle Alliance of WA State advocacy group holds meeting to discuss and learn about issues in the Southwest of the state. RSVP to Woody’s Tacos, 210 Evergreen Blvd.

5:45: Ride to Last Thursday on Alberta
With the warm sun finally out, Last Thursday will be huge and fun tonight. Join a group ride from downtown (N Park Blocks) for a ride to Alberta.

6:00pm I-205 Tree Tour Guided 7 miler from Friends of Trees discussing their work from SE 94th/Pardee to Marine Drive.

6:00pm I-FUCC 2010 Postponed. Date TBD.

6:30pm Rocky Butte Sunset Irving Park to Rocky Butte Park for potluck, sunset gawking and dancing.

6:30pm The Free Food Ride – What’s Fun About Bike Fun? Help answer the mystery question and get fed in the process. RSVP to evan_dickinson@sfu(dot)ca

7:00pm Random Senseless Ride Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty on bikes. BYOideas and make strangers smile. Starts at Irving Park.

7:00pm Hot Wheelz Neon Portable Dance Ride“Neon tribal” is the dress code, riding and dancing is the mission. Begin at Bye and Bye, NE 10th/Alberta.

9:00pm Todds Touring Tips for Europe and Near East Postponed to Friday at 7:30pm.

10:00pm Remember the Time A post-Last Thursday gathering at Zilla Sake House at NE 18th Alberta.

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