Ride before you eat! Two Thanksgiving rides

(Photo © J. Maus)

Because I know many of you would love to pedal before you eat, here’s a quick notice about two rides happening in Portland tomorrow (Thanksgiving) morning.

9:00am: Thanksgiving Morning Fixed-Gear Food ‘n Ride

This ride is being led by local racing legend David Auker. You can find meet-up and location details via this post to the OBRA email list. In a nutshell, the ride will start with a breakfast and than a 1-2 hour jaunt with a “chatty pace” (which as we all know is entirely dependent on who you’re chatting with) into Portland’s West Hills. Auker says the ride is “strictly” for fixed gears, “no coasters!” and he recommends a gearing in the low to mid 60-inch range.

Or, for something completely different…

10:30am: Appetite Enhancement Ride

Meet at Pasture Ted’s house, 60 NE Tillamook at 10:30 for drinks and refreshments. Roll out at 11am for a freewheeling ride through car-free downtown Portland. Don’t miss this rare occasion (ride now in its second year) to take all the lanes, do donuts, and enjoy the city streets without fear or foes.

That’s it for us until Monday. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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