‘Papergirl’ brings art to the people, by bike

Still from Papergirl Portland video.
-Watch video below-

I just heard about an interesting project, Papergirl, that combines several of my favorite things: art, the streets and people of Portland, and bicycles.

Papergirl started in Berlin and was brought to Portland by artist Abe Ingle. Over 200 artists donated original, two-dimensional art to a gallery show that ran in September and October. Then, three weeks ago, all the pieces were rolled up and delivered by bicycle to random people throughout downtown Portland.

Check out the video by Dustin Zemel of the bike distribution day:

Papergirl Portland from abraham ingle on Vimeo.

This project reminds me of the Pink Love Courier Service that came to Portland back in 2007. With that project (brought here by an artist from Austin, Texas) people created love letters and then couriers delivered them by hand via bicycle.

We can never have too many things that combine art, bicycles, and random acts of kindness.

Learn more about Papergirl at Ingle’s website

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