My 10,000th comment!

A few minutes ago I passed a pretty neat milestone. I received the 10,000th comment since my very first post on back on July 29, 2005.

This is a perfect opportunity to say how grateful I am for all the intelligent and insightful comments all of you have shared.

I often tell people that comments are the most interesting part of my site and as the tone of my writing becomes increasingly objective and news-oriented (I hope), I rely on your voices to add perspectives to the stories.

Crazy as it may sound, I read every single comment that I get. And, while it can be frustrating and tedious to moderate and even edit them on occasion (especially when things get heated), it is something I do with much pride and pleasure.

There have been many great moments in my comments over the past year. I am particularly proud of exchanges that have brought together disparate parts of the community.

You, most excellent readers, are my most valued asset and your contributions to this site are invaluable to me. Thank you…I can only imagine what the next 10,000 comments might hold.

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