Weekend of bike fun begins with breakfast

Breakfast on the Bridges March 06
[Coming to the Westside]

With all the talk of bicycle tourism in Oregon, here’s a three-day itinerary that would give someone a fantastic look into Portland’s creative and fun bike community.

It would start early Friday morning with Breakfast Off the Bridges. Yes, the B on B crew is going to the Westside for the first time ever, spreading the love to bike commuters with free pastries, coffee and smiles.

Then, after a relaxing day you could make your way to Filmed by Bike at the Clinton Street Theater. After taking in some bike films you’d be ready to warm the flask and join the Midnight Mystery Ride.

You’d be back up and at ’em at 10:30 on Saturday morning for the Sustainable Energy in Motion Ride, followed by the Urban Adventure League’s famous Eastside Theater History Bicycle Tour. After that, you’ll be conveniently located to join some biking basketball lovers for pre-game at the Lucky Lab before riding to the Rose Garden on the Bike to Blazers Night Ride.

On Sunday you could partake in one of Portland’s most fun Spring traditions and don your bunny ears for the Bunny on a Bike Ride. Then finally, what better way to remember Portland than with one of our most iconic pastimes, a Zoobomb.

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