The “Metal Cowboy” returns

Ran into Joe Kurmaskie at the store the other day. Joe has just returned from a cross-country bike ride with his two sons, Quinn (7) and Enzo (5). Many of you might know him as the “Metal Cowboy“, regular contributor to the Bicycle Paper and Backpacker Magazine just to name a few.

Joe has also written several, well-known books about his previous adventures including my favorite, “Tales from the road less pedaled.”

This recent cross-country journey will be fodder for an upcoming book that Joe is already busy promoting. In fact, Men’s Journal has given Joe’s first article on the trip the Royal Treatment. Pick up the December issue (the one with football star Tom Brady on the cover) and see the double fold-out spread with some great photos. Or, you can check out the online version.

Joe also told me he’s going to be on Good Morning America in the coming weeks. Congrats to you Joe on all your success!…and don’t forget us little guys when you’re a big superstar!

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