Boulder to get interactive bike route map

Boulder Colorado has just made a serious move in the race to be the first Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly City. According to their local newspaper,they have ponied up $140,000 to have MapQuest build them an interactive bike route map.

Boulder is one of only four other Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Cities as designated by the League of American Bicyclists. Portland is also a “Gold Level” city along with Palo Alto, California and Corvallis Oregon. However, our great city still has yet to announce anything publicly about a major interactive bike route mapping effort.

The only one I’ve found locally is done by and it isn’t quite ready for prime time. Marin County, in California has the “BikeMapper.” And even Los Angeles (car capital of the world!) has one.

Come one, Portland! We’re not going to let those other cities outdo us are we?

[via Cyclelicious]

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