Crusaders head north for double the fun

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This weekend’s Cross Crusade
event will be all about beer,
costumes, and…oh yeah, bike racing.
(Photo J. Maus)

This weekend, scores of Portlanders will head north for the annual Halloween-edition of the Cross Crusade.

Held once again at the Clatsop Country Fairgrounds (in Astoria), this year organizers have planned the first-ever double weeekend of racing. And, as per Crusade tradition, in addition to lots of racing there will be lots of beer, partying, costumes, and good-natured mayhem.

Crusade director Brad Ross recently shared with the OBRA email list that he’ll bring four kegs of beer for the Saturday night bonfire and there will be a beer garden at the event all day Saturday and Sunday. Several of this year’s race venues, have not allowed alcohol, so I guess you could say there’s a bit of pent up demand.[Read more…]

Lady is the Boss: The best bike video ever.

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[via the Bike Commuters blog]

I don’t know much about this video, but I know that it absolutely rules.

It’s a circa 1980s kung-fu flick where the heroines use BMX bikes as deadly weapons (complete with turbo-boost, screeching tire sound effects). Everyone who loves bikes has to grin while watching this…[Read more…]