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New video shows vehicular assault during Trump cruise rally

Avatar by on October 8th, 2020 at 2:49 pm

A man and his bike in the crosswalk of SW 13th just before he was rammed by the driver.
(Still from video by Kenya Robinson/YouTube)

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Opinion: Police chief and mayor’s handling of vehicular rampage sets a terrible precedent

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Gresham city employee under investigation for ‘All Lives Splatter’ sticker

Avatar by on June 26th, 2020 at 11:23 am

From The Gresham Outlook.

The latest chapter in our chronicle of vehicular violence and the threat of people intentionally driving their cars into vulnerable road users comes from just across Portland city limits in Gresham. And what’s even more cause for concern this time around is that it involves an employee of the City of Gresham Transportation Division.

According to a story published yesterday in The Gresham Outlook, Gresham TD Field Operations Supervisor Doug Holley is under investigation for having a large sticker in the window of his personal vehicle that read, “All Lives Splatter: Nobody Cares About Your Protest.” The sticker included an image of an SUV running over people.

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Someone with no license plates drove through people on the Black Liberation Ride

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Still images from dashcam video. Driver is going west on NE Skidmore toward NE 14th.

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The safety of Portland protestors is under threat due to aggressive car drivers

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A car driver drove toward a large group of marchers on SE Powell near Cleveland High School on June 13th.
(Still image taken from PPB video)

I was afraid of this.

For years we’ve been warning about the threat of vehicular violence by people using cars. Now it’s on the rise amid the daily marches against police violence and racism that have been going on in Portland for three weeks straight.

There have been several documented cases of Black Lives Matter protests being disturbed by car drivers intent on causing harm. Below are six seven of them.

— On May 29th someone driving a Volkswagen sedan drove into a man riding a skateboard near NE Grand and Shaver. The incident was caught on camera by The Oregonian photographer Dave Killen.

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Portland Police officers drove SUVs into people on the street last night

Avatar by on June 3rd, 2020 at 10:15 am

Screenshot of KGW-TV video shows Portland Police officer plowing through the intersection in an SUV.

After Monday’s peaceful protest, even more people took to the streets last night to march against racism and policy brutality.

While the protest was largely peaceful for many hours, there were several instances of more aggressive actions. Reporters documented the Portland Police firing tear gas and flash-bangs into peaceful crowds indiscriminately, causing shock and horror at the conduct of officers and anger at Mayor Ted Wheeler.

One incident in particular illustrated how the tension in these protests often stems from one central question: Who controls the streets?[Read more…]

Reward offered in road-rage shooting that shattered arm of Portlander Mike Hilbrandt

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A post from Mike Hilbrandt’s Instagram when he left the hospital two weeks ago.

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Man hospitalized after being shot while biking in southeast Portland road rage

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Mike Hilbrandt’s Instagram post.

Portlander Mike Hilbrandt faces multiples surgeries and is recovering at a local hospital after being shot in the arm Tuesday night.

According to a source who’s related to Hilbrandt, the incident started on East Burnside. Hilbrandt was bicycling along Burnside near 12th Avenue when he noticed an SUV in the bike lane. As Hilbrandt passed it, he tapped on the window to alert the driver to his presence. He was then chased and verbally threatened before being shot at Ankeny and 13th. [Read more…]

At hearing on speed limit bills, lawmaker bristles at mention of ‘traffic violence’

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The Street Trust Advocacy Director Richa Poudyal (L) and Oregon House Rep. Caddy McKeown.

Earlier this month a pair of bills that would give cities across Oregon more authority to set speed limits on local streets got their first hearing in front of lawmakers at the state capitol in Salem.

There was no vote taken on either Senate Bill 558 or House Bill 2702 at the Joint Transportation Commitee on March 6th; but the conversation between advocates, lobbyists, agency staff, and lawmakers was notable. Especially an exchange about “traffic violence”. [Read more…]

Video claims protestors are to blame in collision with truck driver

Avatar by on February 13th, 2019 at 1:36 pm

Still from dashcam video of a collision on SW 4th Avenue on October 31st, 2018. Watch the video below.

Back in October we shared the story of Mark Dickerson, the man arrested for allegedly driving his truck through a crowd of protestors on SW 4th Avenue. Now his wife Janelle Dickerson is distributing a video that shows the protestors violating several laws. She says one man purposely walked in front of the truck and is now trying to “scam” their family via insurance fraud. [Read more…]