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Oregonian launches new commuting blog

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Joseph Rose

The Oregonian (and many other newspapers) might be in the midst of major newsroom shrinkage and other changes to its print edition, but that hasn’t stopped them from launching a new blog about “the culture of the commute”.

The “Hard Drive” blog officially launched today and will be written by Oregonian staff reporter Joseph Rose. Rose told me he’ll cover everything from TriMet to bike lanes. “Slap a “Share the Road” sticker on my forehead,” he wrote in an email about his new endeavor, “I want to be at the center of the whole bike-car-bus-walk-light rail continuum.” [Read more…]

Oregonian reporter conquers commuting fears

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“Not knowing what I was in for created a lot of mental room for scenarios of death and disfigurement. So far, the worst thing that’s happened is when my chain popped off on Interstate Avenue.”
— Shelby Wood

Remember Shelby Wood, the Oregonian columnist who was “too scared to saddle up” and ride her bike in Portland?

Wood, who writes the PDXGreen column, said her fears about biking were representative of many Portlanders in the “thick, nervous mainstream”. When I shared her story back in May it sparked over 140 comments, including one from Ms. Green.

She wrote,[Read more…]

Oregonian: War? What War?

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The newsstand edition of today’s Oregonian.

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Oregonian says “bike culture isn’t partisan”

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The front page of today’s Metro section of the Oregonian has perhaps one of my favorite headlines ever; “In Oregon, bike culture isn’t partisan.”

The story, by the O’s Salem staffer Harry Esteve, is about how Republican Senator Jason Atkinson is behind a bill that would re-word existing bicycle equipment requirements to exclude fixed-gear bicycles from requiring a separate brake.
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