After outcry, ODOT removes ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag from state property

The Oregon Department of Transportation has pulled down a Thin Blue Line flag that was flying on state-owned property. The presence of the flag was noted by a Portland Twitter user who posted a photo of the image on Saturday (1/30) along with the message: “Why does the taxpayer-funded @OregonDOT lot at Hwy 26 & … Read more

Washington DOT will reallocate highway space as part of ‘Healthy, Active Streets’ program

Unlike our Oregon Department of Transportation whose seems to be carrying out a policy to rid their highways of everything but people in cars, the Washington Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it’s getting on the open streets train. Imagine that. A state DOT voluntarily banning automobile users from lanes and even complete roadways all … Read more

Homeowners along Sandy River defend ODOT’s bike-unfriendly guardrails

We’re still trying to learn more about why the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) installed three sections of guardrails in the paved shoulder of the Historic Columbia River Highway south of Interstate 84 last week. These guardrails narrow valuable space used by many bicycle riders and their dangerous placement increases odds of stressful passes and … Read more