BTA ramps up its statewide efforts with new grant, advocate

Bicycling in Washington County presentsissues very different from Portland’s.(Photo © J. Maus) This past year has involved many transitions at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Staffing has been particularly affected — over the course of 2009, nine full time staff left and six new staff were hired (some at less than full time). These transitions culminated … Read more

Guest article: Oregon’s first bicycling governor: T.T. Geer, 1899-1903

[Editor’s note: Eric Lundgren is Oregon’s preeminent bicycle historian. He is working on a book about Portland’s “golden age of cycling,” and has provided his historical perspective to this site in the past. He provided this article about our first bicycling governor in honor of the state’s Sesquicentennial this week.] Governor T.T. Geer(Image courtesy of … Read more