Full Moon Ride

Buck Naked Full Moon Ride

Maritza Arango (Events Editor) by on July 24th, 2021 at 2:30 am

July’s full moon is known as the Buck Moon because it occurs around the time when young male deer grow their antlers. But it’s also graced with many other nicknames by different cultures, including “Thunder Moon,” “Hay Moon,” “Mead Moon,” “Rose Moon,” ‘Elk Moon,” and ‘Summer Moon.” Join us in celebrating the Buck Moon by riding buck naked through town. During Pedalpalooza we celebrate the full moon with body positivity and a full moon naked ride! We want to empower and support non-sexualized nudity, body positivity, decrease in petrol dependency via biking, and simply having a wonderful time! So bring your rosy cheeks to Colonel Summers Park at 7:30. Come earlier (6:30/7) for body painting and good times at the park! We will ride at 8:30 sharp. Follow the Tiki for the dance party at the end! Bare-as-you-dare and have fun!