Know Your Greenways

Piccolo Park 2535 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR

Know Your Greenways: 20s South and 19th Avenue "Know Your Greenways is a series of bike rides that combine two or more neighborhood greenways to form a loop ride about eight miles in length. This ride goes up the 70s and down the 80s combined with brief sections of SE Stephens, SE Mill, and the ... Read more

The Mystery of Johnson Creek Revealed

Ruby Junction Max Station Portland, OR

"Johnson Creek flows all the way across Portland before entering the Willamette River near downtown Milwaukie. But further east, past Gresham the creek seems to magically spring out of nowhere along the Springwater Corridor. Well, it's neither magic nor bubbly springs that account for the creek's sudden appearance, and this ride explains the origin by ... Read more