What’s next for e-scooters in Portland?

Ecotrust 721 NW 9th Ave, Ste 200, Portland

Since our founding, Forth has hosted monthly networking events to highlight emerging topics and provide an opportunity for electric, smart and shared mobility stakeholders to engage with other industry members. Starting this month, we're changing our event schedule from two events per month to one monthly networking event that will rotate between Seattle, Portland and Read More »

Changing Landscape of First and Last Mile Transportation Options

Ecotrust 721 NW 9th Ave, Ste 200, Portland

Micromobility continues to shape the way people move around. In 2018, The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) issued the first permits for a four month electric scooter pilot in the city. In April 2019, the pilot was relaunched for a full year. Portland has been home to the bike share system, BIKETOWN since 2016. BIKETOWN Read More »

Hauling Goods with eCargo (Webinar)


Today, the possibility to have almost anything from groceries to clothes delivered to your doorstep at any time makes life easier for many. But traditional delivery vehicles are worsening air quality and traffic congestion. Electric cargo bikes offer a highly versatile and efficient method of transport because they are smaller, nimbler and easier to maneuver Read More »