Carry Shit Olympics

Peninsula Park Portland

Carry Sh*t Olympics is a bicycle race designed to test the grit and skill of those who carry things by bike. Open to all humans of the world, the race will follow a hybrid style points format meant to level the playing field. Points will be awarded for visiting checkpoints and collecting cargo. The fastest ... Read more

The Slow Ride

OMSI plaza 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland

"Guaranteed to be the SLOWEST pedalpalooza ride, meant for ALL ages, and the slowest of the unicycles, evokes, bicycles, tricycles, quadracycles, skates, rollerblades, boards, scooters or other wheeled contraption things. This is the time to ride your big wheel, tricycle, clown bike, or small to medium sized unicycle. Small Children, Cats, Dogs and other animals ... Read more