Heat Wave Splashdown

Bill Naito Legacy Fountain 2 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland

"With the heat getting near 100 degrees there’s only one type of ride to do. A Splashdown Ride! Bring your swimsuit and join us on a short ride around some Downtown Fountains. We’ll hang out at 3 or 4 downtown fountains spending an hour at each."


Race Monday Night

PIR Bike Race Series that begins May 2nd and will last through June 27th. Races are held at Portland International Raceway in North Portland on a flat, closed, car-free circuit. Separate categories for beginners to more advanced cyclists, including Novice (ages 14 and up), Women (any age), and Masters Men (ages 30+,50+). Nightly races start ... Read more

The Colonialists we Ride on

Chapman Square Park 350 SW Salmon, Portland

"Ever wonder who our streets are named after? Ever think, what did that (most likely) old white guy do? Come join us for a series of stops where Terry D-M will highlight some of the worst colonialists we ride on every day and how what they did fit into our larger history. Some streets are ... Read more