Nomad Cycles E-Bike Ride

Nomad Cycles back parking lot 5830 NE Alameda St, Portland

"Nomad Cycles invites you and your electric bike or trike to this social ride that will cover some miles and elevation. Come with a full battery to ride with the ease only an electric bike can offer. We will meet up behind Nomad Cycle at 6 and ride at 6:30, and eventually join up with ... Read more

Rocky Butte Sunset Ride

The tradition continues in 2022. Meet at Irving Park with picnic supplies then follow your ride leader to Rocky Butte for one of the best sunsets in the city. Dance party will ensue afterwards. Stay tuned for updates!

Drum n Bass Ride

Powell Park 2400 SE Powell Blvd, Portland

"Meet up and ride at 8:30 into the night while we respectfully shake the ground with mobile sound. There will be plenty of jungle, breakbeats, bangers, new and old. We'll dance at the end spot with no other stops." Photo source: