Put Your Bike on the Bus Rack

Brooklyn Park 3340 SE 10th, Portland

"Let's practice putting our bikes on the bus! Multi-modal bike+bus trips open up a world of possibilities and access to places far away, exhaustingly hilly, and otherwise hard to reach. Get in the mood by perusing TriMet's How to Load Your Bike on the Bus photo tutorial: https://trimet.org/bikes/bikesonbuses.htm and watching this awesome video from PBOT: ... Read more

Canceled Luddite Ride

Washington High School 1300 SE Stark St, Portland

"It's been 10 years since the last Luddite Ride, and oh, how the world has changed. But has it really, though? The Luddite Ride is all blood, sweat, and gears. Zero waste. No use of cell phones, GPS, lights, social media promotion, bluetooth, stereos, or otherwise obnoxious technologies. Word of mouth, maps, journals, candles, home-brew, ... Read more

Cribbage Ride

"The cribbage ride is back for year 3! Join us as we peg our way from Irving Park to N Portland's favorite bar for cribbage, the World Famous Kenton Club! If the weather is dreamy, we'll stop at Peninsula Park to play a game there. Bring a deck of bicycle cards (duh), your crib board, ... Read more

Know Your Greenways

Piccolo Park 2535 SE 28th Ave, Portland

Know Your Greenways: 20s South and 19th Avenue "Know Your Greenways is a series of bike rides that combine two or more neighborhood greenways to form a loop ride about eight miles in length. This ride goes down the southern portion of the 20s Greenway with the return on the Springwater Corridor, SE 19th in ... Read more

Westside Wednesday Ride

Orenco Station 6199 NE Alder St, Hillsboro

"A little something different this time. We are going to be starting further west than before. Still on a MAX line ($5 tops) and still ending at the Beaverton T.C. to catch the MAX into Portland if needed. This route is a bit longer so we may not make it to B.T.C. at 10pm but ... Read more