Tour de Friends

Parking lot at the corner of Divine and MacArthur 5802 MacArthur Blvd, Vancouver

Length: 24 miles Pace: 12mph Terrain: Minor Elevation: 500 feet Ride east through neighborhoods to QFC on 192nd for about 10 miles. After 5-to-10-minute break ride about 10 miles to Seize the Bagel for 20-to-30-minute break. Then ride about 5 miles through neighborhoods back to Tower Mall. Riders may leave ride at any time. Please let ride leader ... Read more

Burfday Ride

"Happy Birthday to you and you and you and you and you. It's everyones Birthday!!! One more trip around the sun and you're feeling better than ever. This ride is to celebrate you and is wholesome AF! Birthday cards, balloons, present exchange, candles, cupcakes, everything you ever wanted for your very special day. This ride ... Read more

Sunset/Moonrise Ride

Grant Park NE 33rd and Grant Place, Portland

"Did you know that on the night of the full moon, sunset is usually right before the moon rise? Let's hit up a spot where we can watch both! Stock up on snacks and libations before meeting up, then depart on an under 5 mile to our mystery destination. Ride not a loop. Lights, layers, ... Read more