Know Your Greenways

Overlook Park 1599 N Fremont, Portland

"Know Your Greenways is a series of bike rides that combine two or more neighborhood greenways to form a loop ride about eight miles in length. This ride goes up N Concord and down N Greeley including N Hamlin, N Wabash, and N Willamette. Greenways make good loop rides as the neighborhood streets use traffic ... Read more

Adoptees of Color ride

"This ride is for adoptees of color to connect, share space, and enjoy riding bikes together! ~7.5 mile loop, chill pace. We'll stop at food carts for food + drinks!" Photo source: @pedalpaloozapdx

Bleeps And Bloops Ride

Normandale Park NE 57th Ave &, NE Halsey St, Portland

"Let’s organize some sound on bikes! Think “toys making noise.” Maybe you’ve always wanted to mix up a cacophonous musical Doppler effect while riding in a friendly group from park to park. If so, come join our (very) loosely defined bike band jam! Strap on your synthesizers, your noisemaking devices, your ring modulators and Gameboys...and ... Read more

Women’s Only Bicycle Repair Clinic

WashCo Bikes Community Bike Shop 137 NE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro

"Want to learn how to adjust, clean, repair your bicycle in a friendly, encouraging and instructive atmosphere? Bring your bike, and our instructors will teach you how to maintain and fix it! Learn how to: Fix flat tires Adjust seats & handlebars Adjust derailleurs Adjust brakes Chain cleaning Chain repair and replacement Checking for broken ... Read more

PDX Coolness Ride!

Pod 28 Food Carts 113 SE 28th Ave, Portland

"Have you ever wondered about all the Interesting, quirky and fun things in Portland Oregon? Then this is the ride for you! Imagine a Ride blending a little bit of wonkiness, some cool architecture, hidden art pieces and cool streets. We’ll grab some munchies and hit all 5 quadrants of Portland discovering what makes Portland ... Read more