Youth vs ODOT Rally

Metro Council Office 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland

"We are in the middle of a climate crisis, and 40% of our state's carbon emissions como from transportation. Meanwhile, ODOT still wants to expand freeways. Achieving climate justice means radically transforming our transportation systems - not spending millions to cause more destruction. ODOT needs to wake up, realize the crisis we are facing, and Read More »


Midnite Bicycle League Challenge


Do you like riding your bike at night? This challenge is about riding your bike several times, not necessarily at midnight but always while after dusk. Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) means the most night time to ride. Winter can be cold and dismal, so this is a way to inspire you to get on Read More »

WeBike Winter Biking Clinic


This event is for trans people of all genders, gender non-conforming folx, 2 spirit, femmes, and women. Get the link from the event in the WeBike PDX Facebook Group. Not on Facebook? Email us at for the Zoom link. Join staff of The Street Trust for a free winter biking workshop. With fellow people Read More »