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Mini Bike Winter – Chariot Wars

February 15, 2020 at 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Annual marquee event of Mini Bike Winter Weekend. Just like the Romans did… except bikes.

2020 Ben Hurt Chariot Wars Rules!

1)To be eligible to win, a team will consist of two or more people, one or more charioteer and one steed, a bike/trike/kickscooter/unicyclist and a chariot joined together with a “hitch” I.E. Battlecars may enter and win if following these guidelines

2)If any team member loses contact with their chariot, they’re out.
If your chariot is disabled, you’re out.
Participants cannot be tethered to their vehicles in any way. Cheaters are out. Goon Squad has final say.

3)Spectators are not to fuck with chariots in any meaningful way. You can hand someone a fallen weapon. whipped cream balloon bombs, okay. no bodily fluids or live animals. Build a chariot if you want to fight.

4)No chemical/biological weapons. Smoke bombs are okay, as is blood from a wound sustained in battle, but don’t bring pipe bombs or months old piss, rotten eggs or expanding foam. This applies to spectators as well as charioteers.

5)Weapons must be padded and approved by Goon Squad. If you don’t want it used against you, don’t bring it
Goon Squad can and will blacklist spectators from the party and Sunday events if these very simple guidelines are not followed. Goon Squad has final say

6)This is a LNT (leave No Trace) always. you make a mess, clean it up

7)Failure to respect other humans can and will get you ejected from this event. Let’s have fun. Be wild. Respect the game and your friends at the same time


February 15, 2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Essex City Park
7751 SE Center St
Portland, OR 97206 United States
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