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Holy Mountain III – OMTM

October 27, 2019 at 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Okay folks, we’re back on. We’ve sidestepped the early winter squall in favor of clear crisp weather on the 27th, giving us the glimpse into a cross section of backcountry transitioning from fall to winter. That said, it is going to be colder than you think up there. Come prepared.

83, 49 and 35 mile loop options so you can choose your own level of adventure.

Routes and Info:

Holy Mountain III route is absolutely incredible, picking up where the previous ideas left off – which is to say a challenging, trail and primitive road-intensive pilgrimage through the greatest high-country hits of Wy’east…V3 expands to include the Barlow Road, Jackpot Meadows and a wild ride through the hinterregions of Clear Lake.

Start/Finish will be Sandy Ridge staging area along Barlow Trail Road. Let’s be very mindful not to clog up the Sandy Ridge parking area. There is plenty of parking at Barlow Wayside Park just west of Sandy Ridge as well as multiple pullouts along Barlow Trail Road.

Caveats, Disclaimers, Advices, Wisdoms:

– All of our rides are unorganized, unsanctioned non-events. That means unsupported, free, with no registration, membership or affiliation involved. By showing up, riders agree that they are riding at their own risk and are solely responsible for their own well being.

– Minimum tire size is 40c. Trust us. We know the terrain!

– Don’t show up on 28’s

– Don’t show up on road cleats

– Don’t show up without the route on your GPS unit, phone or other device

– Bring extra tubes

– This is a self-supported, unsanctioned ride w/ NO services along the route. Wayfinding, food and hydration are solely the responsibility of those who wish to ride. We highly recommend bringing a water filter.

– This is a difficult high-elevation adventure ride on the cusp of winter. YOU MUST BE PREPARED to deal with everything that entails and finish what you start if you’re going to ride. It is going to be COLDER than you think. You will need extra layers. You will need winter gear.

– This is a 99% open course on public roads, open to cars and automobile traffic. Riders agree to RIDE AT THEIR OWN RISK. You and ONLY you will be responsible for navigating hazards as they relate to traffic, roads, general safety and weather conditions. Riders are absolutely under their own responsibility to ride, navigate and conduct themselves safely and appropriate to conditions as they exist in the field. We are and have always been just a nice group of friends out for a bike ride.

– Riders understand that as a condition of participation..ie..’showing up’ (which includes use of any provided GPS data), riders agree to assume all risks and agree to release and hold harmless everyone associated with this ride, including any organizers, volunteers or sponsors.


Sandy Ridge Trailhead, 62702 E Barlow Road, Brightwood, OR 97011