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Dark Larch V3

April 21, 2019 at 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun. April 21, 2019 9am
Location: Main City Park, Gresham OR

We have reset the date for this year’s DARK LARCH V3 for Sunday, April 21st at 9am. Same route, same start, same finish, except that now that it coincides with the day the Great Bunny created baby marshmallow chickens and painted them bright yellow, we’ve got an OMTM EGG HUNT of our very own!!

All of the pertinent details can be found HERE!!

Keep in mind, this is still Springwater + MAX-accessible, so do your best to ride from home! We’ve considered all the relevant factors and are well aware that it is a holiday. If you’ve got stuff, you’ve got stuff. As always with these things, none of these routes go anywhere after we ride them. In many cases they are better enjoyed in small, self-organized groups on days other than the days we happen to ride, so like I say, if you’ve got stuff….there’s always the next day!

56.5 miles
5324 feet of elevation
38c plus tire recommendation

This is an unsanctioned, unsupported, unorganized group of folks just havin’ us a ride through the gamey wildish naturals…so come prepared to ride out and ride your ownself back home again. That’s how it works.


– Bike/Tires: Cross/Gravel/Adventure/Randonneur/PizzaDangler/Jazzbike (MTB will be overkill here) 38c plus – 2″ … 650/700/26″…

– Minimum tire size is 38c. Trust us. We know the terrain!

– Run what you brung … provided you didn’t bring a roadbike with 28’s

– Don’t show up on road cleats

– Don’t show up without the route on your GPS

– Bring extra tubes

– Bring a water filter

– This is a self-supported, unsanctioned community ride w/ basically no services along the route. Wayfinding, food and hydration are solely the responsibility of those who wish to participate.

– This is a difficult adventure ride in remote areas. BE PREPARED to deal with anything that may come up because things often do.

– This is a 100% open course on public roads, open to cars and automobile traffic. Riders agree to RIDE AT THEIR OWN RISK. You and ONLY you will be responsible for navigating hazards as they relate to traffic, roads, general safety and weather conditions. Riders are absolutely under their own responsibility to ride, navigate and conduct themselves safely and appropriate to conditions as they exist in the field. We are and have always been just a nice group of friends out for a bike ride.

– Riders understand that as a condition of participation..ie..’showing up’ (which includes use of any provided GPS data), riders acknowledge that cycling is inherently a hazardous activity and as such agree to assume all risks and agree to release and hold harmless everyone associated with this ride, including any organizers, volunteers or sponsors.


Gresham Park & Ride
523 NE 8th Street
Gresham, OR United States
+ Google Map