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Clue 2021: The Classic Mystery Ride

August 29 at 1:00 pm

“Was it Col. Summers Park Mustard, in the Bossanova Ballroom, with a torque wrench? You are formally invited to a thrilling afternoon solving a very Portland, very bikey murder mystery, all based on your favorite board game-turned-madcap movie comedy: Clue.

Come for the bad puns and dirty jokes, stay for the amazing prizes and compulsive need to spot every single Clue. Bring your detective pad and colorful costumes, but leave the kids at home for this one.

Bring snacks for the final spot, where we can dissect the Clues you spotted, the Clues you missed, and the Clues you thought were totally ridiculous.

Total route under 4 miles, with a lot of stops as we race around town trying to find all of the…. CLUES.

*Actors are vaccinated and will not wear masks. Please wear a mask if unvaccinated.*”