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Bikes Mean Business (Pedalpalooza)

June 23, 2020

Go Shopping by Bicycle Today…

And bring your helmet in to show that you arrived on two wheels. Challenge yourself to see if you can shop at local businesses and buy local products only. Plan ahead and maybe you can go pick locally made items up from the maker directly?

Now more than ever local small businesses need your help. Choose a business in your neighborhood and support it. Below is a short list of a Black owned businesses based on the neighborhood/district the business is in or on. We challenge you to ride your bike to these businesses Tuesday, June 23rd to support.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Have you seen the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) awesome Safe Streets Initiative map? It shows all of the Healthy Businesses permit locations and the location of the Slow Streets advisory signs, so you could ostensibly use this map to plan hours and hours of fun riding through quiet streets, supporting local businesses by being a patron outside, on the streets, where we cyclists love to be.

Consider supporting these Black-owned neighborhood businesses and visit mercatuspdx.com for a more comprehensive business directory.

Interactive Shop Tour of Breadwinner Cycles + Sugar Wheel Works
Tuesday, June 23


Most bikes are machine made, but Portland is home to one of the strongest hand built bike communities. Just why would someone choose a hand built bike? Join in as local bike builder Ira Ryan take you on a live interactive tour via Zoom of the Sugar Wheel Works and Breadwinner Cycles shop and talks more about the detailed process. See BreadwinnerCycles.com for all the details.