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Free Lake Oswego: Vote No on Metro 2020 Transport Package

Monday, October 12th, 2020

The Metro 2020 Transport Package protects Lake Oswego for private ownership. The Metro 2020 Transport package keeps Black, Brown and Indigenous people from accessing the most beautiful freshwater lake in the Portland Metro region. The Grande Ronde Tribe was forcibly removed from this area. The oldest indigenous artifacts in Oregon have been found near Lake Oswego. There is no public access to Lake Oswego for Portland Metro residents.

The City of Lake Oswego as we know it developed after the installment of the Red Train Line; a short 7 mile trip to downtown and led to the build out of Oswego industry in steel. According to wikipedia the train was always a mixed blessing; the steel industry collapsed after the rail lines brought cheaper steel from the midwest. The rail line was electrified in 1914. Development of elite housing and a major religious temple (Mormons) followed. According to Cadillac Desert the Mormons developed Utah and westward by building dams with the Army Corps of Engineers. In Oregon, Lake Oswego became home to the wealthy white elite.

The City of Lake Oswego city boundry triple dips into Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties. That means the residents of Lake Oswego have 3 county councils and councilors they can access. The Portland Metro Boundary also gives these residents 2 Metro Council positions.

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What does New Zealand Parking Strategy Shake Up Mean to SE Hawthorne?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

In light of the dismal corridor options presented for SE Hawthorne, I encourage PBOT employees watch parking policy expert, Stuart Donovan make the argument that no parking serves equity goals. I believe PBOT can take a few hints from Aussies on using parking policy to address equity issues, plus the accent is fun!

PBOT needs to add a new corridor option that removes parking entirely and adds a shared biking, transit and cargo delivery options spaces. Shared freight parking in the middle with a higher speed centered bike lane could be an option. Observe Hawthorne in the early am when all the fresh deliveries are happening. These drivers are at risk all the time. All the corridor options developed should be scrapped. Start over. Remove parking, add bike lane.

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What does the “I” in BIPOC mean?

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Roberta Robles, Kiowa sun dancer and bike advocate.

Cyclists are a vital advocacy voice in climate change recovery. We are standing on the backs of decades of Portland cycling advocacy work. This article is meant to be read as a response to the Making Space post on BikePortland.org.

I am fully inspired by the WOKE cycling advocates who came together to cork for #BLM and now the Wall of Mom in cycling helmets. I see a lot of us putting our bodies on the lines for #BLM to protect the marchers. According to plant spirit medicine healers, shared traumatic experiences on the road is felt in the mind similarly to systemic racism. I now make a call to healers and advocates. We are burying the black snake oil of fossil fuel at the same time we are healing Black communities. Healing trauma of road violence is supported by the teachings of Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth.

Centering the Bike in Indigenous Advocacy

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