As far as government PSAs go, it actually looks pretty cool and does a good job laying out the issues.

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Jobs of the Week: Go By Bike, Ride Report, Community Cycling Center, NW Pro Gear

Get your foot in the door or move up the ladder with these excellent opportunities.
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Family Biking: How to carry a stroller on your bike

You can do a lot more by bicycle than you might originally think.
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  • Well in my travels around Portland it’s usually drivers (not cyclists) behaving badly but here’s an example that it can go both ways. To the woman riding her bike eastbound on Dekum around 11:25 am today that… I used my horn to alert you as you were clearly not […]
  • Portland is a great place to start a cross country or down the coast bike adventure. We will fly in to Portland and put our bikes together at the bike build station at the airport and ride east on the bike trail to get to the river then ride west […]
  • Homeless and lacking identification, Katy Lyda lay unconscious in a Legacy Emanuel Medical Center bed for 12 days before hospital staff learned who she was. Last year, 63 people died in traffic-related crashes in Portland. That’s the most in at least 30 years. Of them, 28 were pedestrians, also the […]