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  • The popular North Portland Peninsula Bike Trail is now unusable. Why do we allow this? It’s past time to offer shelter AND enforce our no camping laws. This is not compassionate, it’s enabling and it’s cruel to all. – 14 Aug 22 ‘It’s insanity’: North Portland neighbors at wit's […]
  • Huge bicycle and skateboard dismantling and reconstruction activities were happening during the pandemic and stayed around the clock. Now parts are randomly dropped off, and remains only for a few days at a time. leaving bike parts behind like this, and disappearing after within a few days repeatedly and suspicious […]
  • Stages SB20 Smart Bike – Basically brand new Used probably 10x (Pandemic motivated…) Retail 3150$, for sale 2150$ Real bike feel. Real bike fit. Responsive, wide-range electronic resistance and a 50 lb flywheel for an incredibly realistic feel when climbing, accelerating and coasting. Precision dual-sided power meter. User-configurable electronic shifting […]
  • TriMet has received a new fund of money from the state. They are asking for opinions how it should be prioritized. This could be your chance to comment on bikes and bus lanes. More clearly marked red bus lanes. Thoughts on distribution of funds for the low income and other […]