Relive the epic ride and hear what rides folks are looking forward to most.

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Here are the maps that will help decide Portland’s new city council districts

Do you prefer the Alder, Cedar, or Maple version?
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One of the biggest crowds I’ve seen in all these 18 or so years.


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  • Occurred today in Tualatin. Does anyone recognize the cyclist hit in this video? She was wearing some OSU stuff and I’d like to get this video in her direction. 4 posts – 3 participants Read full topic
  • “LawnStarter’s annual ranking compared 200 of the nation’s biggest cities, looking at key features such as access to bike trails,……” Have these people actually ridden on the I-205 MUP or the Peninsula Crossing Trail (PCT) ? I don’t think so. oregonlive – 1 Jun 23 Portland is the No. 3 […]
  • The vehicle theft epidemic in Portland makes our streets so much more dangerous for vulnerable users like cyclists and pedestrians. Glad none were injured in this rampage. ( I am sorry of course that individual’s vehicles were destroyed. Not okay of course.). I wish our elected officials would focus on […]
  • Look at what stopping a speeder can do for public safety in Portland. This is something a traffic camera CANNOT do. (Traffic cameras have a role in public safety as well) “Portland Police find guns, drugs after pulling over driver for speeding” KATU – 1 Jun 23 Portland Police find […]