Once complete, we’ll have a shovel-ready design plan for a key segment of the future path.

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A new bike for Cole

I’m glad we were able to keep one more person on a bike in Portland.
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Here’s how I-5 Interstate Bridge Replacement engineer says project will address climate change

He thinks it might end up lowering VMT and reducing emissions.

Broadway Bike Lane Scandal

Latest coverage of PBOT Commissioner Mingus Mapps’ attempt to make changes to the bike lane on Broadway, despite warnings from PBOT staff.


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  • Political extremism and policy whipsawing has doomed BRT in Bogota. Will Portland follow in its footsteps? We no longer have the needed technocrats running our government. The ideologues (Rubio, Eudaly, Hardesty, Ryan, Kafoury, Vega Pedesron) have installed employees that parrot their obsession with ideology over providing essential services. Our propensity […]
  • Huge Nextdoor discussion on potential for reducing Cesar Chavez (39th) to one lane. Pros and cons……get to see various community perspectives on display…. nextdoor.com Someone said the city is planning on turning 39th (Cesar Chavez Blvd) down to… Is that true? 11 posts – 5 participants Read full topic
  • They announced they’ll be pulling over plateless vehicles, and will be making warrant arrests if found during the stop. Guess where an additional influx of vagrancy vehicles are going to show up? https://twitter.com/VancouverPDUSA/status/1730760105790971973 1 post – 1 participant Read full topic
  • In Medieval era, repairs of facilities intended for use by serfs and peasants were not a priority compared to those intended for use by nobility and lords. Now in 2023, the hierarchy goes as: MONIED real estate developers > homeless services industry > automobile right of way >>> bicycle amenities. […]