The Monday Roundup: A perfect street, Lance the victim, drunk driving progress, and more

Welcome to another wonderful Monday.

This week’s Roundup is made possible by Nossa Familia Coffee, a Portland-based company who gives 50 cents from every bag of their yummy Full Cycle blend to organizations working to build a healthier and more accessible community through cycling.

Now warm up your brain and review the most important stories from the past seven days, as plucked from the world wide web by our eagle-eyed editors and readers…

A plan for perfect streets: This amazing Curbed project hired designers and consultants to make real-world tradeoffs and innovations necessary to create a more humane New York City street. The lessons learned can be applied in many other places.

Universal basic mobility: What if government could level the transportation playing field by subsidizing transportation options for folks who can’t afford a car? Several cities want to find out (stay tuned for a story about a similar effort in Portland).

Tragedy in Illinois: A 10-year-old boy riding a bicycle was hit and killed by a woman driving a truck in central Illinois. The incident is being investigated as a homicide. The boy was Black. The woman who hit him is white.

EV-cars and the other stuff: T4 America says EV-cars are important for reaching climate goals, but we’ll only exacerbate inequity if we don’t balance them with things like public transit and bicycling.

Lance the sacrificial lamb: Lance Armstrong’s former team manager (who’s also serving a lifetime ban for doping) said performance-enhancing drugs were simply part of cycling culture in his era and that his superstar was merely a “perfect target”.


Justice for the Waller 6: The lawyers representing six bike riders intentionally run over by a Texas teenager say the suspect has been taken into custody and charged with multiple felony crimes.

Battery recycling: Thanks to a partnership with a nonprofit recycling organization, the bike industry now has a place to put old e-bike batteries when they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle.

End of drunk driving? Advocates are touting a major win in the fight against drunk driving as the Biden Infrastructure Plan comes with a new safety standard that includes a mandate for in-car driver intoxication monitors for all new vehicles by 2026.

Racism and highways: Lest you think freeway expansions that take advantage of places where Black and other people of color live is a thing of the past, this L.A. Times story will show you it remains a major issue today.

Thanks to everyone who shared links this week!

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