Explore gaps in the 40-Mile Loop with this cool new map

(*Note: This map is a work in progress and includes several sections that are incorrectly labeled.)

The 40-Mile Loop is a nonprofit that brings together government agencies to hasten the development of paths and trails that make a loop (hence the name) around the Portland metro area. It’s an idea that goes way back in regional lore and was originally envisioned by the famous Olmsted brothers in 1904.

As cool as the idea is, it’s not cool that this dreamy loop is still incomplete.

Thanks to devoted volunteer advocates we have a wonderful network of paths from Kelley Point Park in the northwest section of the loop to the Johnson Creek Trail near the rural outpost of Pleasant Home in the southeast section. But there are still about two dozen gaps left.

Before they can be filled, the first step is educating electeds, policymakers and advocates about where exactly these gaps are located. That’s where Glen Bolen and Jim Sjulin come in. Sjulin is a retired Portland Parks planner who’s work we’ve covered previously here on BikePortland. And Bolen is a planner with Oregon Department of Transportation Region 1.


After Glen saw our video on the Alderwood Trail (“Secret Slough Path”), he reached out to share a cool new resource. He and Jim put their heads and resources together to create a new GIS map that details each section of the 40-Mile Loop — and more importantly — where the current gaps exist.

We cannot close the gaps until we know where they are.

As you can see from the embedded map above, the purple sections are where we still need to either purchase land and/or build a trail or path. Have a click around, explore the sites on your bike, and let’s work to turn this entire map green as soon as possible!

Find a gap and make it your personal mission to help close it.

NOTE/UPDATE: Please be advised that this is not an official map. It is an advocacy effort and a work in progress. As such, there are some alignments and sections that might not be 100% accurate. We regret any confusion.

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