Weekend Event Guide: Bike the Strike, ride the Green Loop, sturgeon, a slow roll, and more!

(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland)

Hi everyone!

I know there is not a single bicycle on the photo above. It was actually taken during the Youth vs. ODOT rally that happened yesterday. The thing is, I’ve noticed a couple of the events this weekend have gone around the concepts of advocacy, solidarity, acceptance, celebration of diversity and conservation of our planet — and it makes me believe that a better world is possible. And it also has amazed me since my arrival in Portland earlier this year how bikes represent means to pursue those concepts.

Anyway, here’s our selection of events this weekend (remember to check our calendar for even more fun stuff to do).

Friday, August 20th

Cultura Bike Ride – 6:30 pm at Beaverton City Library

A continuation of the Perreo Bike Ride for its diverse Latinx Culture. This is number two of the three featured bike rides for the summer designed for all Latinx and BIPOC folx. This time around we will be cycling through the streets of Beaverton while bumping Reggeaton, Cumbias, Merengue and anything that gets las caderas moving. The ride is only for Latinx and BI-POC friends. More info here.

Dazed and Confused Ride – 7:00 pm at Da Vinci Middle School (NE)

“Jam down on this ride to the moon tower. School’s out forever, Class of ’76. Costumes highly encouraged”. More info here.

WTFNB Unity Ride – 7:00 pm at Colonel Summers Park (SE)

After a short hiatus, the Unity Ride is back with a night planned for fountain dips. Remember: for female, trans folks and non-binary folks! More info here.

Saturday, August 21st

Bike to the Strike: Solidarity Rally for Striking Nabisco/Mondelez Workers – 9:30 am at Peninsula Park (N)

“Nabisco/Mondelez Workers in North/NE Portland are striking to defend their wages from exploitive cuts by the corporate managers. The crisis of our democracy is inextricably linked to the decades long attack on unions and union organizing in the United States. Let’s give our middle and working class neighbors a little grease in their drive and show up to support their Community ‘Solidarity Rally for Striking Nabisco/Mondelez Workers'”. More info here.

Green Loop Ride – 1:00 pm at Ankeny West Food Cart Pod (SW)

“Come tour first-hand the green loop with Friends of Green Loop and Bikeloud PDX members! Learn about the several projects in motion and details to the route that will soon become the ‘linear park’ of our beautiful inner city. This will be a very casually-paced ride with lots of stops for QA.” More info here.


Portland Mural Ride – 2:15 pm Sewallcrest City Park (SE)

“Time for the big daddy of Pedalpalooza Mural Rides – unlike the 2 hour Neighborhood Rides this ride hits what is considered the 3 areas that have the largest amounts of Murals in Portland.” More info here.

Sturgeon Moon Ride – 8:00 pm at Colonel Summers Park (SE)

“Celebrate the Sturgeon Moon riding naked through the streets of Portland. Disrobe to your comfort level and ride in protest of sturgeon habitat loss. All different shapes, colors, sizes, genders, and types are welcome as we celebrate Body Freedom and Safety in Numbers.” More info here.

Sunday, August 22nd

Mini Sunday Parkways – 9:00 am at Milagro (SE)

Another Sunday of fun at Milagro. Latino groups will be performing and there will also be fun bike activities as part of its Latine Plaza Activation Project. Music, snacks, games and fun! Hosted by The Street Trust. More info here.

Families for Climate’s Sunday Slow Roll – 9:30 am at Kʰunamokwst Park (NE)

Families for Climate will host a ride meant for all ages in a family-friendly way of showing their voice towards measures against causes of climate change. Last time was for sure. More info here.

Stay plugged into all the bike and transportation-related events around the region via our comprehensive event calendar.

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