Man says bus operator cut him off while riding in Vancouver Ave bike lane

Still from video. Watch video below.

Portland resident Jason P. says he was cut off by a TriMet bus operator on Friday morning and he’s got the video to back up his story (watch it below the jump).

According to a complaint filed with TriMet Sunday, Jason was riding southbound on North Vancouver Avenue between Morris and Stanton streets (adjacent to Dawson Park, just before Legacy Emanuel Hospital) when the operator of a Line 44 bus crossed over the bike lane he was riding in without using his signal.

Here’s more from the complaint:

“The bus driver failed to signal and yield before crossing the bike lane… In the video you can see that the bus is approaching the bike lane without his signal on and it isn’t until the bus is present in my lane that the bus’s signal has been turned on. It is then when I brake to avoid a collision… it is clear the driver failed to yield and adhere to the safety of crossing a bike lane.”


Jason says the bus signal wasn’t on until it was already in the bike lane. In the video below, you can see the signal go on at about the 11 second mark.

Here’s the video Jason sent to TriMet:

TriMet has acknowledged receipt of the complaint and is currently investigating the incident.

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