In Brief: Cycle Oregon 2017 is at Bend/Crater Lake

Tonight was the route announcement for Cycle Oregon’s 30th anniversary ride. There’s a large loop that includes Crater Lake and Sisters/Bend. The start/finish is at the town of Tumalo, just north of Bend. The route is very similar to the 2007 route; here’s the breakdown.


Day 1: The route proceeds in a clockwise direction to Bend and onto the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, ending in La Pine. 55mi3400ft. gravel option on a climb
Day 2: This is a long day, La Pine to Diamond Lake. 96 miles with 3600 feet of climbing.
Day 3: Layover day with an optional lollipop ride around Crater Lake. 59mi/6500ft.
Day 4: Another long day, heading northwest from Diamond Lake to Dorena Lake, just outside of Cottage Grove. 91mi/3900ft.
Day 5: Dorena Lake to the mountain biking town of Oakridge, Oregon. 55mi/5200ft. gravel option on a descent
Day 6: Oakridge to Aufderheide to Rainbow, Oregon. 66mi/3300ft. gravel option adds a climb
Day 7: Rainbow to Old McKenzie Highway to Tumalo. 67mi/4800ft.

Overall? Wow. There are some long days, and the can’t-miss ride to Crater Lake is sandwiched between the biggest days. The other thing that stands out are the gravel options. Has that ever happened in the past?

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