Oregon’s bike-friendly driving test at work

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Heads up.
(Photo by J.Maus/BikePortland)

As we all know, it can sometimes be easy to forget how great Oregon is.

This morning, after returning to Oregon from the National Bike Summit (which I was attending for my other gig as Jonathan was covering for BikePortland) I saw a little reminder pop up in my standing Twitter search for bike-related tweets in Portland.

Below is the exchange, between two people who I don’t know (and both of whom, I’m sure, will be responsible and well-informed drivers once they’re both on the road).

How progressive is Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles when it comes to driving tests? Last fall, I got a tip that the agency had changed its rules so that failing to check a right-hand mirror for bikes on any right turn across a bike lane would now dock you points on a road test. I called the DMV to check this out. Their spokesman’s response (paraphrased): What are you talking about, man? We’ve been doing that for years and years.

Oregon driving laws could be more bike-friendly, of course. For example, there’s no instructional requirement for people over 18. And unlike in, for example, Tennessee, driver’s ed classes don’t include any experience riding a bicycle. But it looks like they did exactly what they were supposed to. I’m looking forward to sharing our roads with JBeRoe once she passes.

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