Organic Transit plans Portland test drive event for solar/pedal-powered trike

Coming to Portland

If our story back in November piqued your curiosity about what some call the “most efficient vehicle on the planet”, you’ll want to mark your calendar for a chance to drive one yourself.

Organic Transit (based in Durham, North Carolina) is bringing their ELF solar and pedal-powered tricycles to Portland for three days of test rides. The company that says its missions is to “get more cars off the road” knows that the Portland region’s biking and transit-centric demographic makes it a great marketing target. In fact, the company is considering opening an assembly plant in Portland.

In a press release about the Portland-area test ride events, company founder Rob Cotter said the ELF gets the equivalent of 1,800 miles per gallon. Far from a recumbent bike, the vehicle itself comes with side and rear mirrors, head and taillights, and a fully protective enclosure while still being legal to operate in bike lanes, paths, and in standard traffic lanes.

The ELFs are currently assembled in Durham; but Cotter plans to be in Portland next week where he’ll meet with city officials, investors, and business leaders to explore the opening of a manufacturing operation here.

“Portland is the mecca of the bicycle community and is environmentally conscious,” said Cotter in a statement. “Building vehicles locally, creating local jobs and using no fossil fuels that damage the atmosphere, it’s a virtuous cycle. We are looking to Portland to support our mission.”

To schedule a test drive, email and write Portland in the subject line and indicate date and preference for morning, noon or afternoon. You can also call (919) 908-1599.

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