The Monday Roundup

S.F. case is making headlines.

Here’s the news and other cool stuff that caught our eyes this past week…

– The man who struck and killed a person in a crosswalk while riding a bicycle in San Francisco was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and is now expected to surrender to an arrest warrant. The story has garnered national media attention, including stories in , the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

– The 2012 Reve Team — a group of women (including two from Portland) that will attempt to ride the entire Tour de France route later this month — got front page coverage in the Sunday Oregonian.

– A woman who killed a man on a scooter with her car in New York while she was texting while driving will not face jail time after pleading guilty to the charge of negligent homicide.

– The husband of a woman who died while riding a bicycle in Utah is considering legal action, saying a “misplaced and unsecured” construction sign was responsible for her death.

– India’s state governments are starting to give girls and young women free bicycles after the government realized access to a bicycle enables the girls to access and attend school.

– Tokyo’s government is considering requiring bicycles to have numbered license plates in an effort to improve safety and “etiquette” on city streets.

– Chicago recently held its second Cargo Bike Roll Call, bringing together a mass of people who love the utility of cargo bikes, trikes, and trailers.

– Street maintenance, specifically potholes, have become a significant political issue in San Diego’s mayoral race.

– A member of Newport Beach’s bike safety committee was allegedly asked by Newport Bay Police officers to destroy photo evidence of a collision between a person riding a bike and a person driving a car.

– Over 2,000 people turned out for L.A.’s 12th annual Los Angeles River Ride.

– San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Leah Shahum knows that her city has come a long way in terms of bicycle access, but there’s still plenty of work to be done.

– Vancouver, BC’s new ‘V-pole’ aims to reduce sidewalk clutter, something Portland is no stranger to, by consolidating many utilities in one single street pole.

– Also in Vancouver, the city has officially recommended a series of “trial” buffered bike lanes be made permanent.

– A study has come out about helmets and people who use Washington DC’s bike share system. Some people are fretting about the low rates of helmet usage but as the WashCycle points out, people may be wearing helmets less because bike share bicycles are arguably safer than some other bicycles and perhaps we should be focusing on another important statistic.

– New York City’s Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District president Jim Clark “…just can’t see…” people ever “…getting dressed up and riding a bike to go to dinner.”

– Mountain Gear’s founder Paul Fish built himself a bamboo bike that’s road-worthy enough to cruise at 25MPH.

– Google is mounting StreetView-style cameras to backpacks to capture images of walking trails, similar to how they’ve been utilizing cameras on bicycles to capture pieces of the transportation network where motor vehicles are not allowed.

– It turns out that younger people’s desire to bike more and drive less is about more than simply saving money.

– And finally, we mentioned last week how Seattle’s bike to school programs are booming. Here’s a video to show you just how successful they are:

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