Watch Blumenauer’s speech at Bike Summit congressional reception

Blumenauer at the congressional reception last night.
(Photo: Still from video by Ted Sweeney)

University of Oregon student Ted Sweeney attended his first National Bike Summit this year. Sweeney, an active advocate for bicycling on campus and in Eugene was standing just a few feet away from Congressman Earl Blumenauer at last night’s big reception following a day when hundreds lobbied on Capitol Hill.

Sweeney captured video of Blumenauer’s speech. In it, Blumenauer jokes with the crowd, saying his colleague from Alaska, Rep. Don Young, agreed to millions of dollars for bike projects… as long as Blumenauer agreed to open drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Ha Ha. Here’s another snip from Blumenauer’s remarks (watch video after the jump):

“You have done your job today superbly. We have seen lots of people come to Capitol Hill to gin up support for this, that, and the other thing; but I’ll tell you — and it’s not just because you’re friends — I have not seen this type of energy concentrated in one day… just an outstanding job. People are talking, your points have been made. We want to keep the pressure up, but I can’t imagine a better day than what you have done and I hope you are all very, very proud.”

Watch the video below…

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