PBOT Bicycle Advisory Committee Agenda – November 2010

Meets at 6:00 pm on 11/9 at the Lovejoy Room in City Hall (1221 SW 4th).


Announcements — 6:00

Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project — 6:10
Patrick Sweeney (PBOT) and Karen Withrow (Metro) will provide a brief update on this project. The project will publish its DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) on November 19th that will initiate a 45-day public comment period. More information here:

Roadway Not Improved — 6:25
Leah Hyman and colleagues from LARKE will give a short presentation on their project: Roadway Not Improved and ask the committee for their support. LARKE is a group of PSU Masters of Urban Planning students (now graduates) who worked as consultants with the Woodstock Neighborhood Association in 2010. Their project, Roadway Not Improved, explores uses, perceptions and community-based improvement strategies for unimproved roadways in Portland. More information here:

Bicycling Down Under — 6:55
Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller recently returned from a two-week trip to Australia where he met with state ministers, local elected council officials, advocates, government technical staff and delivered a keynote address at Australia’s national bicycle conference. Roger will present his observations of conditions for bicycling in Australia’s two largest cities—Sydney and Melbourne—and discuss what lessons we might take away from them.

Committee Business — 7:25

Adjourn — 8:00

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