Want a cargo bike? Build your own, “hillbilly” style

Tom LaBonty's custom cargo bikes-22
Learn how to make one yourself.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Remember Tom LaBonty? He’s the Lents Neighborhood resident who builds home-made, “hillbilly-type” cargo bikes in his backyard. Since we profiled Tom back in August he’s picked up a few customers, launched, and now he wants to share his methods with the world.

Tom has launched a do-it-yourself cargo bike building guide. The guide features a slideshow with instructions on how to take two used bikes and convert them into a front-loading, bakfiets-style cargo bike.

From Tom Labonty’s DIY cargo bike guide.

From his website:

“The following pictures show the steps to making one of my “hillbilly” type cargo bikes. I have provided these photos for those who might want the satisfaction of building and riding their own rattletrap. I didn’t include every step (just the one’s I think are important) you’re going to have to use some imagination. Also, you’ll notice very few measurements, just estimates,it’s all part of your adventure. I’m from the “measure once, cut twice” school of design. Go ahead and use some of my ideas or just straight up copy it….”

If all you want for Christmas is a cargo bike, but you don’t have the funds to make it happen (and you’re not afraid of a little backyard bike tinkering), this might be just what you need. Check out to get started.

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