“Dramatic” rescue and cell phone save commuter

“Had she not had that cell phone she’d still be down there…”
–Fireman in a video by the Oregonian (watch below)

KOIN and the Oregonian are reporting a story about a woman who was coming home from Lewis and Clark College tonight when she fell down a steep bank while riding through the bike path in Riverview Cemetery (a popular shortcut to the Sellwood Bridge).

From KOIN’s story:

“She lost control of her 10-speed bike on a hill, rounded a corner and crossed the shoulder… She fell down a steep hill about 30 feet, hit and rolled another 10 feet, airborne for most of the fall. Her bike landed 20 feet downhill.

She was stranded for about two hours. Finally, she was able to reach her roommate on her cell phone, who called police.”

Luckily her injuries were not serious.

Check out this Oregonian video footage of the “dramatic” rescue:

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