Official response needed to alleviate tensions

I am growing increasingly concerned that no official organization or agency has made a public statement about this situation.

I have received several emails and many comments about dangerous motorist/cyclist incidents in the past few days. Many cyclists feel they might be targets of drivers who are emboldened by comments made on the radio show and who are upset at the immense response and activism against their show from the bike community.

I feel that an official response from the City of Portland or some other established and respected community organization (remember, I’m just a “rogue blogger” in the eyes of many) would go a long way toward calming things down.

I have heard that letters are being exchanged behind the scenes, but so far nothing has surfaced that is for public consumption.

If we really want to show the community that we take this seriously, and if we want to show the world that Portland stands for livability and transportation equality, there must be an official statement released.

The sooner the better.

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