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In an effort to recover more stolen bikes, I’d like to formally introduce the new Stolen Bike Digest.

The Digest is a free, weekly email that will be sent to bike shops (and anyone else who’s interested) and will contain all the stolen bikes listed on this site during that week. The email will be in a printer-friendly format so it can be easily printed and posted in a conspicuous place for both shop employees and customers.

There are already four shops on the list but we will recover more stolen bikes if all 26 shops get signed up. So please pass this on to your favorite shop (the signup form is below) and encourage them to get on this list.

The first Digest will be sent today. For more information see my Stolen Bikes page or email me at In addition to this new digest, I am working on adding more bike security content and revamping the stolen bike section in the coming weeks.

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