City wants to clean up the Clown House

Pedalpalooza 05 - Clown House CircusAccording to the blog of our dearest bike-loving clown, Dingo Dizmal, the City of Portland wants the Clown House to clean up its act. The city thinks a yard strewn with wonderfully mutated tall bikes and other crazy props that have brought smiles to thousands of passersby is an eyesore. I beg to differ!

Among the increasingly sterile, yuppified development happening along Alberta Street, the Clown House is a welcome sight. Sure, it’s not the most well-kept place on the street, but it has a soul and just looking at the yard makes me smile whenever I go by. Too bad the City of Portland doesn’t see it the same way…or was it local business owners forcing their hand? Either way, I hope this isn’t the start of a general Clown House crackdown.

Dingo is hoping local bike lovers can stop by and save all the frames and parts from the City scrap heap. Here’s how Dingo puts it:

“…instead of using the bikes to provide cheap or free bikes to working people who need them, we gotta let them all go. I would sooner stick a wad of my own hair in a pipe and smoke it before letting the scrap guys melt the collection down and turn it into car parts so I need all of you back yard bike wrenchers and seat post pullers to come and get stuff.”

So all you tinkerers out there, make your way to 2425 NE Alberta (and bring a few dollars for the Clown House fund) if you’d like to pick up some parts.

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