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Community Cycling Center names 6 new board members – 5 of them women

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
(Photos courtesy CCC.)

Northeast Portland’s nonprofit bike shop and biking-for-everyone advocacy group is welcoming some respected local bike believers onto its board of directors.

The new aditions represent more than half the organization’s leadership, and it happens to bring the gender split on the Community Cycling Center’s board to seven women and four men — an unusual ratio in a national bike advocacy movement where both the leadership and membership remain overwhelmingly male-dominated.


18th annual Holiday Bike Drive makes cheer for over 375 kids

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013
2013 Holiday Bike Drive
A new bike, thanks to the Community Cycling Center.
(Photo by Greg Lee)

The Community Cycling Center’s 18th annual Holiday Bike Drive took place on Sunday at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in north Portland. The event brings together dozens of volunteers who set up low-income families with nearly 400 shiny refurbished bicycles and tricycles. In many ways, the event is a rite of passage for the kids and the volunteers — both of whom aren’t likely to ever forget the experience. (more…)

CCC’s Tetteh says creating new ‘avenues to advocacy’ is top priority

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
CCC CEO Mychal Tetteh
Mychal Tetteh, CEO of the Community Cycling Center.
(Photo by J. Maus/BikePortland)

After his first 50 days as the CEO of the Community Cycling Center, Mychal Tetteh sees a big problem in the local advocacy ecosystem: Too many people aren’t sure how, where and when to get engaged. And as a result, their voices aren’t being heard.

His solution? A crowd-sourced and curated compendium of all the region’s active transportation events, meetings, comment periods, open houses, and so on. All these things are “avenues to advocacy” that Tetteh would like to make accessible to Portlanders — especially those in underserved communities where many people have trouble meeting their basic needs.

Tetteh outlined his idea for the first time last Thursday at the monthly Bicycle Brown Bag discussion series hosted by the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Active Transportation Division. The CCC also published more about it on their website this morning.

Group looks to improve access to bicycle trailers for low-income families

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
ABC Bike Ride 2013
Kids get ready to roll before an Andando en Bicicletas
en Cully ride, organized at Hacienda CDC.
(Photo: Community Cycling Center.)

As bikes become a bigger part of normal life for people at Hacienda CDC in Northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood, there’s a shortage of something that holiday charity bike drives seldom offer: bike trailers.

It started when a group of residents at the low-income housing community decided to join the Northeast Portland Sunday Parkways event last June. The Community Cycling Center (which works with Hacienda residents on several projects) arranged to loan bike trailers to a couple moms who wanted to bring their children.

“The women just loved it — they didn’t even realize that was an option,” CCC spokeswoman Melinda Musser said Tuesday. “Normally when they go on bike rides, the women who have kids, they have to have another adult to watch them. So that was an obstacle that they maybe didn’t even realize. … Once they started using the trailers they got really excited. They realized that they could ride more often and bring their kids with them.”


Community Cycling Center prepares for leap into job training business

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
The framebuilders of 1515 SE Ankeny-11
One of Portland’s many bike-related
job opportunities.
(Photo © J.Maus/BikePortland)

Taking a page from job-training nonprofits like Janus Youth and Goodwill Industries, Portland’s Community Cycling Center is preparing to create a new enterprise that supports its mission of making bikes more accessible.

It’s considering a fee-for-service job training operation that would give underprivileged Portlanders a ladder into Portland’s rapidly expanding universe of bike mechanics, builders and component manufacturers.

“The bicycle industry is not a diversified industry, and we believe that it should be,” said Anne Lee, operations director for the 19-year-old nonprofit. “We’re trying to create access in a new way. … It’s not just access to being able to ride a bicycle, but it’s access to the bicycle industry and the jobs that are there.” (more…)

From BMXer to advocacy pro: 6 questions for Mychal Tetteh

Monday, August 26th, 2013
Mychal Tetteh with what he described as
“my favorite bike … the Schwinn
‘Tuskegee Tornado’ Sting Ray.”
(photo courtesy Tetteh)

When the Community Cycling Center announced last week that it had selected its former shop director Mychal Tetteh as its new CEO, quite a few people who know him applauded the choice.

But plenty of Portlanders haven’t yet met Tetteh, 31. And he’s got plenty to say — and, we suspect, plenty to do. Here’s what the Benson Polytechnic High School ’00 grad told us about his early days dirt-biking across Portland and the reasons race matters to local biking.

When did you start biking for fun? What about for transportation?
Fun on a bike started when I found out that I could stand a cinderblock on end to get on my brother’s BMX bike. It has been awesome skid-outs and weak bunny hops ever since. Getting myself across town to school at MLC was my first foray in cycling as a bicycle commuter. Before that, it was the way I got to Devil’s Ditch in Laurelhurst Park.


Mychal Tetteh named new CEO of Community Cycling Center

Friday, August 23rd, 2013
CCC CEO Mychal Tetteh.

The non-profit Community Cycling Center has announced that Mychal Tetteh will be their new CEO. Tetteh takes over from former executive director Alison Graves, who left the organization back in March.

Tetteh is a familiar face in the community and at the Community Cycling Center. He worked at the CCC for six years from 2005 to 2011, rising to the position of Director of Shop Operations before leaving for a job at the non-profit Village Market in the New Columbia neighborhood. Tetteh is currently the Executive Director of the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Portland, a non-profit that promotes bicycling among African-American communities across the region.

In a statement released this morning, CCC Board Chair Kathryn Sofich said Tetteh can “hit the ground running,” because, “he already has established relationships with our partners and a deep understanding of the issues they face as it relates to bicycling, equity, health, and more, ensuring that our work remains relevant to these communities in the future.” (more…)

New Columbia’s new skills park opens to the public

Thursday, July 18th, 2013
The New Columbia skills park directly serves
the development’s 2500 residents.
(Photo: Community Cycling Center)

The residents of North Portland’s public, mixed-income housing development New Columbia now have one of the city’s handful of bike skills parks in their backyard.

Enhanced with paths, wood ramps, a berm and a bicycle teeter-totter, the park at the corner of North Wolsey and Trenton got an official opening ceremony Wednesday from its creators at the Community Cycling Center, the nonprofit Northeast Portland bike shop with a mission to make bicycles “a tool for empowerment and a vehicle for change.”

Thousands of Portlanders will get a chance to check out the result two weeks from now: It’s right on the route for North Portland Sunday Parkways on July 28. The $15,500 park, funded by a mix of private and public sources, is now open to the public during daylight hours.


Bike skills park takes shape in New Columbia

Thursday, June 13th, 2013
Looking good. Construction should be done
by the end of this month.
(Photos: Community Cycling Center)

The Community Cycling Center is currently hard at work building berms, ramps and other details of a Bike Skills Park in the New Columbia neighborhood. The project was funded through a $15,500 grant from the Portland Development Commission.

The CCC’s Melinda Musser sent us an update and a few photos of how the lines are shaping up. It looks awesome! Here’s more from Melinda:

The Bike Skills Park, opening in July, will offer a safe riding area for neighbors of all ages. Participants will learn about skill development through group instruction from We All Can Ride bike committee members and Community Cycling Center staff and volunteers. Additionally, We All Can Ride members are furthering their ride leader training this year and will host summer bike rides so that residents can safely explore their community together on two wheels.


Transportation wonks shine in trivia fundraiser

Thursday, March 21st, 2013
It was a packed out for the 2nd annual
Transportation Trivia fundraiser last night.
(Photo: Mary Nichols)

Portland is full of transportation wonks (a.k.a. geeks or nerds) and last night it seemed like nearly every one of them was packed into the Radio Room. The event that brought them all together was Transportation Trivia Night, a fundraiser for the Community Cycling Center.

Dozens of local transportation experts, consultants, researchers, engineers, bureaucrats, students, advocates, citizen activists — and even a few members of the local media (including yours truly) — donated $10 to join the fun. Among the many smiling faces in the crowd were: ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Manager Sheila Lyons; citizen activist extraordinaire and former City Council candidate Chris Smith; BTA Executive Director Rob Sadowsky; Portland State University Associate Professor Kelly Clifton; Filmed by Bike Founder Ayleen Crotty; and Portland Mayor (and former City Transportation Commissioner) Charlie Hales. (more…)

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