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Old 03-11-2013, 12:23 PM
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Default WashCo BTC news

The March BTC newsletter included some good info about bike related bills on the Oregon Legislature's agenda. Kind of frustrating though, that I could not find a link to the BTC's newsletter. Link to the homepage: http://www.washingtoncountybikes.org/this_is_us/

There was helpful info in addition to what I've posted below, but here's a cut/paste section of that newsletter:

"...There are some interesting transportation bills in the legislature this season.

HB 2732
creates the definition of multiuse path,
bans headphones and earbuds for both ears (allows one ear to be covered).
Extends the safe passing distance (wide enough berth to avoid a cyclist who falls over) to all roads, not just those without bike lanes and to all speeds, not just over 35mph.
Allows cyclist to leave a bike lane whenever going straight at any intersection where motorists may turn right.

SB 742 raises the helmet age. It requires helmets for everyone under 18 instead of the current under 16.

SB 741 requires helmets for all age cyclists while participating in an organized exhibition, competition or contest.

SB 769 requires bike registration, and like car registration requires reporting address changes and sale of bike. However, unlike car registration, none of the fee pays for the registration program. The entire $10 would be deposited in the Bicycle Transportation Improvement Fund, also established by this bill.

HB 2687 Requires that motorists use daytime running lights. Why should bicyclists care? This would make cars more noticeable—more noticeable than bicycles, which don't have lights bright enough to show up in sunlight. ..."

Notice SB 742, requiring mandatory helmet use age from 16 to 18. I didn't look into the bill, but I wonder whose idea it was to introduce this bill, who the sponsors are, and why they thought 17 and 18 year old people needed to be required by law to wear bike helmets while riding. This increase in age coverage seems unnecessary to me. In fact, if anything age related to mandatory helmet use, it might be worth considering, lowering the age for mandatory helmet use to 14 yrs and under.
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Old 04-06-2013, 11:07 PM
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Again, the WCBTC has some good info in its monthly newsletter. If you want to subscribe, here's the editor's contact info: "WashCo BTC" <editor@washcobtc.org>.

Among items listed:

An open house on this coming Wednesday the 10th, about the Farmington Rd improvement project "...6pm to 8pm (stop by any timeóno formal presentation is planned)
Beaverton High School (in the cafeteria)..."

Another open house on this coming Thursday the 11th for the U.S. 26 Brookwood Parkway/Helvetia Interchange project:

"... The freeway interchange is being modernized. See their Project page and Open house mailer for information.

Visit the open house for information for an opportunity to talk to staff.

Thursday, April 11
5:30pm to 7:30pm (drop in anytime)
Liberty High School, Room 165
21945 NW Wagon Wy
Hillsboro ..."
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